Saturday, June 6, 2009

Joy's Wedding


Today our youngest daughter Joy got married. She married a fine Christian young man named Joel Guelzo. The days leading up to this event have been long and hectic. Today was long - but joyous. To see two young people with such bright futures come together before God and covenant their lives together was celebratory to say the least.

God has established helpmates for each of us. And when we find that one that God has prepared, it is a beautiful sight. Joel's uncle Rick and I were privileged to conduct the ceremony. We watched as two young people pledged their love to each other and covenanted before God to form a permanent union.

The reception was fun and uplifting. Stories were shared, hearts were bared, and souls were cared for. It is a pleasure to celebrate with those who know and follow the Lord.

Joel and Joy -- may God bless each day of your lives together.

For Kingdom Education,

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