Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Two Commissions


I am starting to get settled in Laurinburg, NC. The house I am presently living in is out in the country. Last night as I was fixing dinner, I looked over and discovered a snake coming in under the storm door. I am seeing more wildlife now, guess they are getting used to me being here.

Christian Education is so vital for today. Many can't understand why they can't just trust the public schools to educate the minds of their children while having their church educate the hearts. It doesn't work that way. When God established the family, He gave the parents the mandate to raise and educate their children. He allows for others to come alongside and help them. However, we must be aware of who we allow alongside our families.

In Genesis 1:28, God established the Cultural Commission - where man is to learn about God's creation and be in control of it. We find God setting up for education, science and technology. He has called us to a Cultural Commission as well as the Great Commission. We must seek to establish our youth in a proper worldview. [A worldview is like a set of glasses - it is how we look at the world and everything in it.]

Colson and Pearcey in their work - How Now Shall We Live make the following statement.

The culture war is not about abortion, homosexual rights or the decline of public education. These are only skirmishes. The real war is a cosmic struggle between worldviews - between the Christian worldview and the various secular and spiritual worldviews arrayed against it. This is what we must understand if we are going to be effective both in evangelizing our world today and in transforming it to reflect the wisdom of the Creator.
Why do I seek to be a part of the Kingdom Education of students? Because if we as the church do not seek to train our youth in the Christian Worldview, the secular world will train them in their view. And have been for a while now. It is time for Christians to take back the ground we have surrendered to the enemy.

Continue to pray as we are working to establish Christ the Cornerstone Academy here at Stewartsville Baptist Church. May we follow the Master in all we do.

For Kingdom Education,

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