Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 21: Choose Life!

John 11:25 “I am the resurrection and the life… ”

   As Reuben A. Torrey knelt by his bed the night he contemplated
taking his life, he was greatly confused about life, faith and God’s
purposes. He had become enamored with enlightenment thinking
and had drifted into skepticism. That same night miles away
Torrey’s mother also knelt beside her bed. She was not distraught
and confused. She was praying for her son, that God would take his
life and use it for His Kingdom purposes. And that’s exactly what
happened. Instead of taking his life that night, Torrey surrendered
his life to Jesus Christ. Thanks to a praying mother, Torrey choose
life instead of darkness.

   The result of a revived and awakened church is always the
conversion of lost people. Has God laid someone on your heart
who needs to choose life over darkness? Why not pray for them as
Torrey’s mother prayed, that faith would come and new life would
be found in Christ? That is what awakening is all about.

Prayer Points
   • Pray specifically for one lost person to be delivered from Satan’s
   • Ask the Lord to forgive your sin of prayerlessness toward lostness

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