Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22: Passionate Prayer

James 5:16 “The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man
avails much.”

   Jerome of Savanorola’s experience in Florence, Italy, was significant.
Revival had come and the entire city was experiencing the
benefits of a righteous environment “where the will of God was
done on earth as it was in heaven.” The revival environment
lasted almost two years, but unfortunately was halted in 1495
as the Pope forbade Savanorola to preach. This eventually led to
his excommunication and martyrdom. He was only 47, yet his
influence lasted for centuries.

   Savanorola’s legacy lasted because of his prayerful investment
into the next generation of leaders. He was often found weeping
on the steps of the cathedral over the need for revival and
awakening in Florence. Some 15,000 teenagers who formed a “new
Christian militia” were led to Christ through Jerome’s passionate
prayers, proclamation and leadership. Many of these new believers
were converted out of youth gangs and were committed to
sharing their story with others who had similar lifestyles. That kind
of passionate prayer leads to changed communities, cities and
nations – one heart at a time. Shall we pray?

Prayer Points
   • Ask the Lord to give you tears in prayer over your sin and the
condition of the church in your community
   • Pray for the Lord to raise up fervent, righteous prayer leaders in
North America

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