Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23: Intimacy With God

Luke 2:36-37 “Anna…did not depart from the temple, but
served God with fastings and prayers night and day.”

   God with us, Immanuel – what an event in history! Jesus, the Word
of God, came to ransom fallen humanity from death and the
penalty of sin. Yet, the people of God somehow missed it. With
the exception of a few, many in Israel were not aware that Jesus
was the Christ. Anna was different. She knew and was waiting for
the Christ in prayer. When she encountered the Christ child she
immediately gave thanks and began sharing Him with others.

   Ever wonder why Anna was different? Like many others in her
day she had been exposed to the prophetic words regarding
the coming Christ. Unlike the others, Anna was expectant while
watching, waiting and praying. Intimacy with God was the
difference. Suddenly, God revealed Himself and came to earth.
Anna got it – most did not. How sad is that? Before we are too
quick to judge those who did not get it then, maybe we should
ask ourselves if we would recognize the activity of Christ today.
When revival comes, will we be like Anna?

Prayer Points
   • Pray for the Lord to forgive any times you have not recognized
His work around you
   • Ask the Father for greater intimacy in your relationship with Him

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