Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day Nine: Faithful to the Word

John 17:6 “And they have kept Your word… ” 

   Margaree Valley Baptist Church needed a pastor. Rev. Foster was tired
and according to his wife, in no shape to preach or pastor. However,
Foster sensed the call to invite himself to preach for the deacons
at Margaree Valley Baptist Church, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The
uninvited preacher took the next train to the valley and arrived at
noon on a Monday. The deacons agreed to have the church open
that evening for services. After arriving, Foster ascended to a nearby
hillside for prayer. As he wept and prayed over the valley God
granted him a confident peace concerning His desire to do a work in
the valley.
   Later that evening he stepped into the pulpit with great
confidence the Lord had given him. After the service, people left
knowing that God’s man, and His Word, had arrived. What ensued
has been called the “Foster Revival.” The revival went on for weeks,
resulting in many new converts. The Margaree Valley Baptist Church
called Foster as pastor and one writer called that season of ministry
the “most prosperous period” in the life of the church. Despite great
emotional challenges Foster kept the Lord’s Word to go to the valley
and preach faithfully. God’s Kingdom moved forward in a great way.
Are we keeping Christ’s Word?

Prayer Points
   • Ask the Father to give you a radical faith to obey and keep His Word
no matter the cost
   • Pray for a sincere burden and passion to see God’s work move
forward through your life and ministry


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