Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day Six: Character matters

John 17:11 “Keep them in Your name…” 

   The year was 1949. As seven young men were praying in a barn
outside the city one man stood and read from Psalm 24:3-5, “Who
can ascend the hill of the Lord? ...” When he finished reading the
verses he asked the six men who were praying with him if it was not
senseless to be praying for revival if they themselves were not right
with God! Almost immediately God’s presence overcame the group
and they found themselves laying face down weeping, confessing
their sins and seeking forgiveness. God answered their prayers and
the Hebrides Islands, a group of small islands just off the coast of
Scotland, soon came alive with revival.
   Jesus’ prayer in John 17:11 is a plea to the Father on behalf of the
character of His followers. He asked that they would be protected,
even guarded, in His name and character. He was praying for
intimacy and nearness – that their walk would match their talk – that
their witness would be clean and pure as His was. He was praying for
their lives to be a witness to His name and character. What can be
learned from this prayer? One simple truth – we can’t separate our
prayers from who we are in Christ. Our character in Christ will have a
direct impact on the prayers we pray. How are you doing?

Prayer Points
   • Pray that the Lord would reveal inconsistencies with your walk and
your talk
   • Ask the Lord to renew and empower your prayer life through
cleansing, repentance and holiness

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