Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day Two: Do It Again Lord!

Psalm 85:6 “Will you not revive us again…”

   In 1904, the country of Wales was experiencing an incredibly
low spiritual ebb. Morals were collapsing, crime rates were
rising, and churches were weak and declining. But God was at
work calling His remnant back to the three things that always
precede Great Awakenings: fervent prayer, deep repentance
and evangelistic passion. As prayer and repentance increased,
God poured out His Spirit like a sweeping flood. Evan Roberts,
a former coal miner and a major instrument whom God used
in the revival, challenged people as he preached to put away
unconfessed sin and doubtful habits, obey the Holy Spirit
immediately and confess Christ publically.
   In six months, 100,000 people were converted and Wales
experienced moral and spiritual revitalization. Today, America
is in desperate need of revival and awakening. Could it happen
again? Will God mercifully work in a similar way in America?
Cry out to God and ask Him to start a revival in you, your family
and your church.

Prayer Points
   • Confess any known sin and set aside any actions that do not
represent Christ
   • Ask the Lord to use you as an instrument for revival


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