Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Hope Baptist Disaster Relief Team Report May 8

Well, Wednesday May 7 also was a busy day.  After devotions and breakfast, the team departed to help a family in a nearby area. The gentleman and his wife did not expect us - it was his son who contacted about the debris.  we worked all morning on dropping and cutting up a tree (about 40-50 foot tall) and moving debris from a shed that had been destroyed. The gentleman and his wife were both unharmed and still a little overwhelmed about what had happened. Damage to their house was not too severe and they were able to stay in it. We prayed and shared with them about God's love. As usual, we left them a Bible signed by all 14 members of the crew. They said they never saw a group work as hard and quickly as this team. You could sense the full appreciation for this blessing they had not expected.

After lunch we went to another house, but were unable to drop the tree because of its location between the house and work shop. The gentleman there was fully aware of this problem and still expressed overwhelming appreciation for all that the NCBM Disaster Relief teams were doing in his area. We were right at Mrs. Abernathy's house (same drive - see yesterdays blog) and we went back and dropped 11 more trees and cut and piled them up. That made 31 trees we dropped with still about 5 that needs to be dropped.  She was so appreciative - and she conceded that she had prayed that maybe we could come back and drop the trees we did today. We saw how God uses prayer to help direct the meeting of needs. We came back to the church we are housed in, tired, but very encouraged and blessed to be able to serve.

Depending upon the work needs, we will either be leaving this morning (May 8) or Friday morning (May 9). Since I am writing this on Wednesday evening, I will follow up as soon as possible.  Keep praying for us as we serve, and for our safe travel back to our homes in Laurinburg, NC.

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