Friday, May 9, 2014

New Hope Baptist Disaster Relief Team Report May 9

Well, here it is after 9 pm on Thursday evening. I have had a long day. It started a little before 5 when I got up to shave and shower. Then, I was asked to deliver the devotion so I spent time in the Word in preparation for a short teaching on 1 Corinthians 3:9.

We as a team assembled with the others for the devotion time and breakfast. We had three assignments for this day (Thursday). The first location we went to after breakfast was not directly storm related and was not in line with what we could do. We spoke with the person's daughter and explained the situation. She was in total agreement that we needed to work on homes that were damaged by the tornado. We left there and went to a second location, where we encountered basically the same situation. Again, after speaking with the owner we then proceeded to our third location. Each of these first two we talked with them and had prayer before leaving.

The third location was a group of pine trees that had come down on the owners property from the storm. The team jumped in and in about an hour and a half we were able to cut up and pile all the debris from these pines. We were able to talk with the owner and gave him a Bible. We had prayer and returned to the host church (Corinth Baptist Church in Elizabeth City) for lunch.

After lunch we had one more assignment and when we finished there we returned to the host church and packed for our return. After saying our goodbyes to the fine folks that we had been working with we began our trip home to Laurinburg. And now, before retiring for the day, I am penning these last words about our mission.

God blessed many people in the Elizabeth City area for the last two weeks with teams of NCBM Disaster Relief crews who came to their aid. In turn, we of the teams were blessed by being able to be the hands, hearts, and feet of Jesus. We ran into a number of folks who were so thankful the NCBMDR had come. A little side story - on Wednesday evening after worship with COrinth Baptist Church, as I was going into the area where we were staying a very young girl came up to me and said, "Thank you for your time and work in our town." She smiled and held out her hand. When I held out my hand, she dropped two nickels into it. My first response was to thank her and give them back, but the account of the widow's mite crossed my mind. I thanked her, and I have those nickels as a reminder of how each of us can do what we can do.

In all, this has been a very challenging week, a very tiring week, but a week that is also a blessed and gracious week. When we have the chance,let us each serve Christ in any way we can.

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