Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stress Relief - Listening to God's Voice

Mark 6:32 (MSG) - "So they got in the boat and went off to a remote place by themselves."

Solitude. We spoke of that yesterday. I pray that you took your list from Monday and got alone with God. We need to consistently find times when we can get into a "remote place by" ourselves. Finding a place that we can draw aside with God and be alone with Him. Jesus spoke of going into our "prayer-closet" to talk with God. He often went out into a solitary place to be alone with God. Why?

There are many distractions in our world today. These distractions will hinder our time with God. Wait you say, I can talk to God any time and any place. Yes you can - and should. However, drawing aside into a solitary place allows you to stop and hear God speaking to you. We spend too much time talking to God instead of God talking to us. We are told about Susanna Wesley - she was the mother of 19 children (two being John and Charles Wesley). She found it hard to find a place of solitude in her small home. She would pull her apron up over her face, and the children soon learned that she was not available at those times. What was she doing? Escaping from the chaos of those around her? She was spending time praying for each of her 19 children, and listening to God for His directions.

Today, take the list you made on Monday, the one that you took before God yesterday, and find a solitary place with this list to hear God directing you. {A word of caution, it may need to be repeated for a number of days before you begin to hear the voice of God over the many distractions that you allow around you.}

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