Friday, November 21, 2014

Operation Christmas Child - The Power of a Simple Gift

Today, as we draw this week to a close - let me share with you a story from a young boy in Guatemala. Next Monday we will return to our study of Spiritual Warfare. 

“I live in a very poor neighborhood and many times I don’t have the school items that I require at school. I always wanted to have a special pencil with removable leads. I prayed to God for one and some friends at my school laughed at me because I said I prayed for one. However, when I was invited to participate in a special celebration in a Christian church at my village, they gave me a gift where I got school supplies. Among them were two of the special pencils I always wanted to have. Now I’m happy that I have the opportunity to study the Bible lessons and I’m learning a lot from what our teacher explains. I have learned that God cares for me. These lessons came to our village because God is good. Thank you for sending to us these lessons.” - Roberto, 12-years-old*

From this, we gain some insight into the impact that we can have - through the power of a simple gift.

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