Friday, November 28, 2014

The Real Black Friday

Today is called "Black Friday" in the commercial world. It is the day that businesses seek to see their ledgers show in the black instead of the red. They seek to see how much they can sell to kick start their Christmas sales. Businesses seek to lure as many people into their stores by extravagant sales. Yet, over 2,000 years ago the real Black Friday happened.

It happened in an obscure part of the world, a tiny country under Roman domination. It happened to an obscure, itinerant Rabbi, who spoke such truth and lived so profound a life - that men could not accept Him. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in Israel was taken out and crucified upon a cruel Roman Cross. The Creator of the Universe was killed by His own created beings. Man, involved with jealousy, greed, pride, cowardice, fear, and a love for the darkness instead of the light took the perfect, sinless Son of God out to Golgotha and nailed Him to a cross. They watched as the life-blood of Jesus poured out. And then, this lifeblood spilled out became the very sacrifice for each of us. His blood shed on that Cross became the means that bought us back from this broken world. It was the "red" blood that was the positive side of the ledger that day.

Consider, that on this day the world wants to turn the red into black - while God in His kingdom turned what was black into red. Are you trusting the shed blood of Christ? Muse over what the cross means to you today - on this "Black Friday."

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