Monday, September 14, 2015

Fire Extinguishers

September 14

Daily Bible Reading: Proverbs 25 – 27

Verse of the Day: Proverbs 26:20 – “For lack of wood the fire goeth out; And where there is no whisperer, contention ceaseth.”

Fires will not burn without fuel. To have a fire one needs fuel, oxygen, and heat. Without any one of these three items, you will not have a fire.

The proverb compares gossip (whisperer) to fuel. The Bible makes it clear in a number of places that God does not like those who gossip. Those who do so are responsible for the contentions and strife around them. Gossips are those who share a partial report about someone. They often share details that are not for others, and often slander those who they are speaking about.

Without gossip, the majority of contention in churches would disappear. Seek to be a “fire extinguisher” and not a fuel supplier.

Prayer: Great God in Heaven, make me a “fire extinguisher” in all that I do and seek to do. Keep watch over my mouth. Amen.

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