Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Grandparent's Privilege

Over the next few days, Linda and I have a great privilege. We are babysitting our four grandchildren. Their parents are getting away to celebrate their anniversary. The grandkids range in age from 14 to 3 years of age. They are going to be great "personal trainers" for us physically and spiritually. we will be put to the test on how our workouts have been. Keeping up with their activities will take a lot of stamina and mental acuity. Yet, it is the greatest opportunity we can imagine. I will share some of the lessons learned over the next couple of days. So.... hang on, and here we go! 😅 😅 😅

To begin this time of consideration, consider these are the things Godly grandparents can do:
  • Pray for them continually to be immersed in the knowledge and love of God at an early age and even to finding mates of God's choosing. 
  • Perceive and reflect their worth and affirm God's calling on their lives. 
  • Listen to them any time they want to talk. 
  • Gently offer wise counsel to encourage them in their faith and character development. 
  • Love them unconditionally…don't be afraid that you'll "spoil" them. 
  • Be creative, fun and affectionate. 
  • Respect their parents and never undermine their authority. 

Proverbs 17:6 says that "Grandchildren are the crown of the elderly…" No wise person would ever neglect their "crown" or what they value most. Being a God-honoring grandparent is a huge job and when you get it, you're the one who can do it best. It is, however, your decision.

Prayer: Father, may I be the kind of grandparent that helps to guide and direct my grandchildren in the proper way of life. May they see Jesus in me, and may I be a help and not a hindrance to their choice of You. I thank You for the time I have being an important part of their lives. Amen.

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