Saturday, February 25, 2017

Colossians 2:4

Paul wants to make sure that what he is about to instruct them about is clearly understood. There was a problem in the church at Colossae of the people combining Judaism with Oriental philosophy and then mixing this into Christianity.[1] Dr. J. Vernon McGee says this error was in both Colossae and Laodicea, and he believes that is what eventually destroyed the church at Colossae and made Laodicea the weakest of the seven churches written to in Revelation.[2]

Paul warns against their being deluded (Greek paralogizomai) with persuasive arguments (Greek pithanologia). The concept of being deluded in this passage carries the idea of “to deceive by false reasoning.”[3] This is accomplished by the use of plausible arguments in contrast to demonstration of the truth. As one commentary says, it is attractive arguments, persuasive rhetoric, plausible speech, fast talk, and a smooth line.[4]

This is too often the issue in churches and among the believers; we spend too much time seeking out the philosophy and psychology of the world instead of relying on the Word of God. I hold a degree in Biblical Counseling (DBC – Doctor of Biblical Counseling) and I can see where too often the believers (and Christian Counselors) are placing emphasis upon the philosophical worldviews over the teaching in the Bible. People flock to Pastors who use enticing words to soothe their consciences instead of applying the healing balm of God’s Word to remove the basis of their guilt. 

Prayer: I must be so careful, Father. There are so many philosophical worldviews calling out to my mind, my thoughts, my belief system. Grant me wisdom that only You can give to discern right from wrong beliefs. May I speak only that which is true to Your Word. May I teach only what is true to Your Word. Most of all, may I live only what is true according to Your Word. Amen.

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