Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Godly Man

In 1666, Thomas Watson wrote a book entitled The Godly Man's Picture. In it he gives 24 characteristics of what he believed a Godly Man looked like. One author referred to him as the original Promise Keeper.

Today, I am going to list these 24 characteristics - men, let us measure ourselves to this measuring stick.
  1. A man of knowledge
  2. A man moved by faith
  3. A man fired by love
  4. A man like God
  5. A man careful about the worship of God
  6. A man who serves God, not men
  7. A man who prizes Christ
  8. A man who weeps
  9. A man who loves the Word
  10. A man who has the Spirit of God residing in him
  11. A man of humility
  12. A man of prayer
  13. A man of sincerity
  14. A heavenly man
  15. A zealous man
  16. A patient man
  17. A thankful man
  18. A man who loves the saints
  19. A man who does not indulge himself in any sin
  20. A man who is good in his relationships
  21. A man who does spiritual things in a spiritual manner
  22. A man thoroughly trained in religion
  23. A man who walks with God
  24. A man who strives to be an instrument for making others godly
Read this list again, and again. Men, let us seek to be a Godly Man.

Prayer: Father, make me a Godly man. I want to be a Godly man. I crave to be a Godly man. My desire is to be a Godly man. I can only be this, by the power of Your Holy Spirit working in me. I surrender all, all to You I give, make me a Godly man. Amen.

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