Friday, April 14, 2017

The Passion Week - Friday

We are continuing our study in this time of year that we Christians celebrate the Passion of the Christ. The Gospel accounts give attention to this important event. Of the 89 chapters in the Gospels, only 4 record the first 30 years of His life. Yet, they give almost 1/4 of the chapters to the final week to His resurrection. Obviously, this is vital and important for us. Over the next few days (until Easter Sunday), we are going to walk with the Master. Using the timeline as developed by Dr. Harold Willmington, let us remember and be ministered to also.


The Disciples and Christ leave the Upper Room, they cross over the Brook Kidron to the Mount of Olives. Nothing too unusual at this point, Jesus and those with Him often would spend the night amongst the Olive trees. He prays for His Disciples (John 17). He takes the inner circle (Peter, James, and John) and goes off to the side. He leaves even those three to go and pray. Three times in great agony He comes to the Father. Three times He finds His disciples sleeping. Judas betrays Him. Arrested, tried in 7 "kangaroo" courts. Denied by Peter. Scourged and Crucified. What a horrific day - the creature killing the Creator.

The first truly "Black Friday" was one of disgrace and humiliation for mankind. Refusing to accept their Savior, man put Him to death. Yet, this was the plan of God from the before the beginning of time and space. The only way that God's most beloved possession - His crown of Creation, Man could be restored from their fallen state was by this.

Are we too busy today to take the time to ponder and delve into the depth of the sinfulness of ourselves and to muse over the magnitude of His sacrifice? Will we once more miss the glory that came from the hill in Jerusalem called Golgotha? Join me in a time of silence and meditation upon the wonderful provision of God through that Old Rugged Cross. The horror of the sacrifice pales in comparison to the beauty of the provision.

Can I ask you one thing today, have you come to that saving relationship with Jesus Christ? Do you understand that we are all sinners separated from a Holy, Loving God? Do you see that Christ came to die, to pay the penalty of eternal separation from God with His own life? Do you believe that? Do you truly repent and turn from the way you have been living to the family of God? If you do, have you taken the time to ask Him to come and cleanse you, to become your Lord and Savior? Are you assured that you are restored by the Blood of the Savior?

Prayer: "So I'll cherish the old rugged Cross, Till my trophies at last I lay down. I will cling to the old rugged Cross, And exchange it some day for a crown." Father, that is my prayer today. I praise You for the wonder of the Cross. I exult You for the provision You have made. I magnify Your Name, I glory in Your Majesty. My sin is all washed away. I am clean. I am pure. I am Yours. Amen.

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