Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Living Free as a Bondslave #8

Galatians 4:19 (CSB) - My children, I am again suffering labor pains for you until Christ is formed in you. "

Yesterday we considered Paul's attempting to free the Galatians from the fetters of legalism by appealing to their head. Today, muse over his appeal to their h

Paul starts by rebuking them (verses 4:8-20). They served idols before – remember that they are Gentiles he is writing to (4:8). But, now they are returning to a legalistic view of serving God (4:9). He finds fault in their returning to legalism. He is concerned that he was mistaken in their salvation (4:10-11, 20). Paul reminds them that they once were his friends (4:12-15). He brought them the message of the Grace of God. Even during a severe bout with a physical infirmity, obviously some eye issue (4:15). He never held back from them the truth (4:13). They received him as a messenger of God – a spokesman for Jesus Himself (4:14). Paul wants to know if they are now his foes? (4:16-18). Since he has spoken the truth to them, some view him as an enemy. (4:16)

He says that the Judiazers (legalists) are courting them to add them to their side – the side of bondage to the Law (4:17). He commends zealousness – if it is for the right reason (4:18). Paul is willing again to suffer the pains of childbirth until Christ is developed in them (4:19). He is very concerned that they: first of all have a true salvation experience, and that they are leading others astray. (4:20).

That is a major problem that Paul is concerned about. The Galatians leading others astray. Keeping others from being saved. Satan works very hard to distort our understanding of the Gospel Once we are saved, he cannot get us back. But, he can keep us from leading others to the truth.  He will distort our testimony –“live like the Devil.” He will distort our teaching so that others miss the truth.

The Gospel appeals to our heads and hearts. Not by feelings, but by the facts. We must understand the process - Facts first, then the feelings follow.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, may I take the facts that You bring to my mind and heart and apply them to the way that I live my life. MAy I not lead others away from the Savior, but to Him. Amen.

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