Tuesday, July 4, 2017

True Freedom (Special Post)

2 Cor. 3:17 (CSB) - "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."

Today in America, we celebrate the anniversary of our freedom from the bondage to England. America is 241 years old today - Happy Birthday, America. However, our freedom was not free, it was paid for with a great price. Many of our Forefathers gave up everything to achieve this. Many people gave their life-blood to provide the freedom we now often take for granted. Over the years many more gave their all, their life-blood to maintain this freedom we enjoy. You might say that our freedom as Americans was "blood-bought."

In a much greater way, we need to remember today that Jesus Christ came, lived, died, rose again, ascended, and is coming again that we might enjoy the blessings of our spiritual freedom. In God's plan, through the shed blood of Jesus, we have been released from the bondage of sin. I other words, we have a true blood-bought freedom. 

Today, as you celebrate this special day, remember a deeper and greater freedom that was bought by blood for us. Enjoy the time with family and friends. Enjoy the food and festivities. Ooh and aah at the fireworks, parades, and concerts. But be sure to take time to celebrate the great release, restoration, and freedom achieved by the Blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Thank God I am Free! Not only in America, but that my body, soul, and spirit has been set free by the marvelous Grace that You provide. May I never take for granted either freedom that I am blessed with. Amen.

(Watch for the return of the regular blog in a short while).

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