Friday, August 29, 2008

To fail to plan.....


When I teach Bible I have a motto that reminds me of my need to plan. My motto is, "It is a SIN to bore people with the Bible."

I challenge you to make this your motto - "It is a SIN to bore people with __________." (Fill in the blank with your appropriate subject).

You have a responsibility to be well-prepared when you walk into the classroom. And this is more than just knowing your material. It is taking time to plan your methods and choosing what works best in different settings and circumstances. Do you use a variety and range of expression? Can you react to the spontaneous and make it a "teachable moment?"

Consider when the Pharisees brought the woman caught in Adultery to Jesus. He had just a moment to communicate. He took an unusual action and got everyone's attention. "Jesus stooped down and started writing on the ground with His finger." John 8:6b (HCSB).

Remember, exciting teaching doesn't just happen --- it's planned that way.

For Kingdom Education,
From WTB Teaching with Style (c) 1994.

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