Monday, March 17, 2014

An Eco-view

"A modern writer tells how once he asked an old man how he managed to live alone in a single cottage, miles from anywhere. The old man answered cheerfully that he enjoyed it since, as he explained: 'Providence is my next door neighbor.'"*

Despite what we are constantly being told by the media, scientists, and politicians, the problems of this world are not physical - but spiritual. Yes, many show themselves as physical, but the root cause and issues are spiritual. It is not climate change that show hold our concern, but spiritual ignorance. If people came to an understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ, then we would be given the wisdom and insight to correctly manage our eco-systems of the world.

It has been said (Murray Norris - The Myth of Overpopulation) that only 15% of the farmable land is being used - and of that only about 50% is being used in any year. God supplies our basic needs, but we need to put in the correct effort to use them. It is not that the world lacks resources, it is that we lack spiritual understanding and dependence upon God.

Today, seek out that relationship with the Father, and ask for the wisdom that He so readily wants to give (James 1:5). And, as Christians let us take the lead in demonstrating the God-ordained view of our ecological and social systems. we are stewards of the bountiful blessings that God has provided for us - let us use them for His praise and glory - so that the world will see Him through us.

* From Everyday With Jesus Bible (2004) Holman Bible Publishers. Selwyn Hughes Devotions page 287

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