Thursday, March 6, 2014

Keokee Ministry Trip Update

Well, here it is Wednesday evening, already. One more day of work in front of us and then the trip back to Laurinburg, NC.

We had another full busy day at Charity Baptist Church today. The plumbing has been finished, the two shower stalls are in, and the men are building the walls around them. They will sheetrock and spack - and then we will basically be finished with the task.

Dick Britt has done a wonderful job putting this trip together. Everyone of the  group has had a vital part in the mission work being accomplished here at Keokee. Jim Walker and Tommy Brooks have worked tirelessly. Morris Britt has been consistent is seeing things through. Bill Short has been available for whoever needs a hand. John Miller has taken on the task of driving the van and trailer to and from the church site.

Art Brown and Jimmy Caulder spent the entire day under the building in the crawlspace putting in the water lines to the sinks and all the new sewer lines. when they came out today, they looked like a couple of miners crawling out of the mine. They did a terrific job. The bathrooms are beginning to look useable again. We cleaned up our mess and stored the tools so that the church could worship together tonight. After our dinner - spaghetti this evening - we will be worshipping with them. We give a great big thanks to Carroll Scarboro and George Phelps our two resident "chefs" for fixing our breakfasts and dinners (along with others from time to time). And we couldn't start the day without Tony Ciarrocco's coffee! He is an inspiration to me for his tireless work on any project that is needed.

We had a wonderful time worshipping and studying God's Word with the people of Charity Baptist on wednesday night.  Our group of 12 greatly swelled their attendance. Pastor David Parsons taught the 5th chapter of 1 Timothy this evening. Great words to remind us of our interactions with each other.

We thought again today, how that we are doing this for our Savior - to reach out to others to help them reach out to others. The importance of being a Christian is ministering to others so that they can see Jesus in us. Not for our praise - but for His!

As we serve, we are reminded of Jesus' words in Mark 10:45 - "For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister..."

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