Monday, March 10, 2014

What's Right About the Family

When the church rightly influences the family, it has a deep influence on society and the individual. Because the family is the first influence on the child who will eventually take his or her values and attitudes into the culture, and because the family has a continuing influence on individuals, the church helps to shape every area of life when it influences the family.*

The traditional nuclear family (the biological family) is under great attack today. The government, media, special agenda groups, etc. all seek to reject the biblical standards of what is a family. When we consider Media/Television over the last 70 years we see a major shift in the idea of a family. In the 50's they had Father Knows Best, I Love Lucy, and Leave it to Beaver; where today we have Family Guy and Two and a Half Men. What a shift!

The biblical basis for a family is set up from Genesis through the New Testament. The Bible describes adultery, sex among singles, polygamy and homosexuality while not approving these actions. The Biblical view is a monogamous, heterosexual family relationship. every time one of the aforementioned ways of family is described in the Scriptures, it always shows the problems and issues that come from them.

God planned the family from the beginning (Genesis 1:27) and marriage to be one man - one woman - for a lifetime (Genesis 2:23-24). Jesus reinforced this in Matthew 19:6. Lamech was the first as being described as having "two wives" in Genesis 4:19-24. He was living a life that was in complete rebellion against God.

The fifth commandment of the Ten Commandments tells us to honor our father and mother (Exodus 20:12).  we see today a very different view of society about children and their relationship with their parents.

The church can have a very strong influence on society as they stand strong for the biblical family standards. If our families disintegrate, it will have a disastrous on individuals. This will in turn cause negative consequences of society as a whole. We must return to a strong Family Focus based upon God's Word and truth.

* Towns, Elmer L. (2009) What's Right with the Church: A manifesto of Hope. Regal/Ventura CA. p150

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