Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Use a Nobody like me?

I remember reading the account of a humble Sunday School teacher who had a young man visit his class. This young man worked as a shoe clerk in a local store. The teacher went to visit him at work. He walked back and forth in front of the store getting up his courage to go in and speak to the young man. Finally, after praying and walking, he developed the courage and went into the store. There in the back stock room, the Sunday School teacher shared the love of Christ, and that young man received Christ into his life. This young man went on to be a great soul-winner and led thousands into the presence of a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We never know when God might use a "nobody like me" to do something.  We are quick to let the enemy silence us, to cause us to shrink back, to stay out of the fray - and God only knows what opportunities we have missed. We may not be like the young man in the above account, however we have the message of hope in us and others need to hear it. we need to be like that humble Sunday School teacher and share with those we come in contact with.

The humble Sunday School teacher - his name was Edward Kimball. Most people even today have never heard his name. But, I know that God told him "Well done, good servant...." His faithfulness on that day opened the door to Eternal Life to thousands. The young man, you have no doubt heard of D. L. Moody.

Today, who would God have you speak to? Look for His leading.

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