Thursday, October 8, 2015


October 8

Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 39 - 40

Verse of the Day: Isaiah 40:1 – “Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God.”

We are now entering the last section of Isaiah – often referred to as the Prophecies of Comfort. The remaining 27 chapters of this book carry a strong Messianic message and moves from judgment to hope. Interesting to see that the New Testament also has 27 books – and deals with the Messiah and hope.

The use of the word comfort is to give the reader a sense of God’s mercy. After 39 chapters dealing with the judgment of a Holy God, we now move into hope for a future under the merciful hand of God. God declares that they will see an end to their suffering. The word is repeated twice for emphasis to denote the surety of this happening. And, it will come under the reign of the Messiah – Jesus Christ.

Prayer: God of all Comfort and Consolation, today I hold tightly to Your promise of a coming day of comfort and release. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Amen.

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