Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Case for the Resurrection - Pt. 2

Yesterday we said that since the Resurrection is the fundamental truth of Christianity (1 Cor. 15:14), it has consistently been the attack of critics to disprove its validity. History is what has happened. We looked a a few of the ideas presented that were in opposition to the Resurrection of Jesus. Over these next couple of days, we are considering facts and issues in line with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Today, consider three naturalistic approaches to explain away the Resurrection. First, men such as Rudolf Baultman state that the Resurrection account is based upon visions of the excited minds of those who were so close to Jesus. The disciples were well-meaning, but the intense feelings they had for their Master came out in these visions and became an imagined reality. Some problems - how could scared and fearful men have such visions? why did the visions begin on the third day and not sooner?

Another is called the Telegram or Objective theory. This states that Christ through telepathic means transmitted the thoughts and messages to the disciples - not really appearing physically before them.

Finally, Berkoff and others say that Christianity simply adopted Resurrection ideas from other religions and added them into their base. The idea is to give the Resurrection validity without it being a historical fact. The Resurrection is a both/and. To deny the physical while affirming the spiritual is misinterpreting the meaning of the words used, denying the objective principles in interprting history, and is based upon a bias against the supernatural.

Clark Pinnock has written in his paper "On the Third Day," that the Spirit works through evidence to provide us proof. The evidence is based upon the personal testimony of the claims to the events. The validation is in the cause and effect. Merrill Tenney states that the existence of the church is based upon a historical cause for its origin.

We will consider some of the proofs of the Resurrection tomorrow.

Today, pause and reflect upon what you believe. Do you believe and hope in the truth that Jesus rose from the dead - conquering death, hell, and the grave, or is He just a man who told good stories about how to live and was killed. what do you base your decision upon?

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