Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Case for the Resurrection - Pt. 3

We have discussed some theories against the Resurrection, we will now focus on some of the proofs of the Resurrection of Jesus. Dr. Elmer Towns Dean of Liberty Baptist Seminary lists 12 such proofs in his book, Theology for Today published by Cengage Learning. Let us consider them -

1. The Empty Tomb. As we have previously saw, the enemies of the Cross tried to deny that Jesus rose by stating that the disciples had stolen the body. At the very start, the empty tomb created a problem for those who were set to deny the Resurrection. If Christ had not risen, and He was still in the tomb - the detractors could have taken anyone to the tomb and proved the Resurrection as a myth.

2. The sudden transformation of the frightened disciples into bold proponents of the Resurrection. It is beyond comprehension that a small group of simple and uneducated men could devise such a plan that could not be disproved and has existed for over 2000 years. These men who witnessed the brutality against Jesus cowered in the upper room trying to find a way out without getting the same treatment themselves. Seeing and knowing that Jesus had arose gave them a boldness to stand and proclaim that "He is Alive!"

3. The rapid spread and growth of the church (fellowship of like believers) which claimed to be the body of Christ.  They proclaimed that Christ was alive and empowered them to service and godliness.

4. The testimony of numerous persons (over 500 at one time) who claimed to have seen, conversed, and had fellowship with the risen Christ. (1 Corinthians 15:5 - 8, and other passages in the Gospels). This could not be a wishful vision, because all of the testimonies are from those who did not believe He had risen.

5. The transformation of a Christ-hating persecutor of believers into a fervent preacher of the Gospel. The account of how this happens is in Acts 9.

6. The testimony of countless who speak of the indwelling of the Risen Christ in their lives - and the outward evidences of the change that He makes in them.

This is half of the proofs that Dr. Towns offers - tomorrow let's finish up the remaining 6 proofs that Jesus arose on that first Easter morning.

Today, take some time and think about what do you believe about His Resurrection. How do you believe? Is it just because someone told you so, or is it because you have had a life-changing experience with Jesus. Take time to be sure you believe - and then establish the reasons why.

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