Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Case for the Resurrection - Pt 4

Dr. Elmer Towns in his book, Theology for Today, is giving us 12 proofs of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We listed 6 yesterday, and we will finish the last 6 today.

7. A hermeneutical conviction that correlated the Old Testament prophecies with the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. The early church correlated the Old Testament prophesies of the expected Messiah with Jesus Christ.

8. The production of a body of literature (the New Testament) that completely and comprehensibly explains the Resurrection of Jesus Christ to the remainder of the Scriptures.

9. The inability of the Jewish leaders to disprove the Resurrection in the very city that it happened. They should have been able to discount it in Jerusalem, however it was from Jerusalem that the message evolved and distributed to the world.

10. The change to Sunday as the day of worship from Saturday. For over 4000 years the Sabbath was observed on Saturday - the 7th day of the week, now universally Christians worship on Sunday. This is the first day of the week, and in a sense the 8th day. Being the first day it signifies the start of the week, and the technical sense of the 8th corresponds to Biblical Numbering that ascribes a new start to the number 8.

11. The conversion of James, the half-brother of Christ who totally opposed Christian teaching before the Resurrection, and became an active follower in the Jerusalem Church.

12. The testimony of Ignatius of Antioch who was born around 30 A.D. and martyred by Trajan by being thrown to the beasts in the amphitheater in Rome.

12 proofs out of many that are given throughout the centuries. Take time to silently dwell upon the facts, the truth of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. No other founder of a religion is alive today - we can go to their tombs. Only Jesu Christ - the God-man is alive. The Resurrection is believable, because of the many proofs. Tomorrow, let us pause to consider five results of the Resurrection of Christ.

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