Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Walking with Jesus

I have recently been on a pilgrimage. God gave me the opportunity of being with a group of men in a retreat called the Emmaus Walk. I have heard of this before, and God set it up that in His timing I was able to go just when I needed it most.

The account in Luke 24:13 and following tells of Jesus joining two of His disciples after His resurrection as they walked from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Not expecting to see Him (they still held on to the fact of His death), they talked with Him unknowing who He was. He talked with them, opened the Scriptures and brought comfort to their hearts. And when at supper He broke bread, they suddenly recognized Him - and he disappeared from their sight.

Today, in the hustle and bustle of this world, we can become so busy that we miss the fact that Jesus is right here with us. We focus on the world and the problems we face - to the exclusion of seeing and learning from the One who loves us so much.

Being alone with Jesus, listening to Him (reading the Bible) and speaking to Him (prayer) - focusing on Him without the distractions of the world around us - allows us to hear His voice, feel His heart, and to draw strength, comfort, and assurance from Him. As His disciples, we are here to do His bidding, His mission in a world that is spiraling away from God.

Take some time - dedicated time - to read the Bible and pray. Listen for the sound of sandaled feet as they are walking beside you, hear the rustle of His robe as He embraces you, and feel the warmth of His arms as they hold you close to His heart.

Today, as you "walk to" wherever you are going, look and see that He is with you. Know that He is the One who can comfort, assure, strengthen, restore, uplift, forgive, and anything else that you need - HE IS ENOUGH! (And if someone offers to sponsor you on the walk - be sure to take them up on it, you will never regret it.)

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