Thursday, August 28, 2014

Decide for Spiritual freshness

Romans 6:2b (Philipps) - "We, who have died to sin—how could we live in sin a moment longer?"

I read a story of a gardener who worked at an Evangelical conference center. He told of how during the first two or three days of a conference, Christians obeyed the signs that said,"Do not Litter." They would go out of their way to carry unwanted paper, etc. to the trash bins. After four or five days had passed, they grew tired of looking for the bins and hid their unwanted paper under the bushes. They had enough conscience to hide the paper, but not enough to get rid of it.

We need to be careful not to compromise upon the concept of removing sin from our lives. We need to daily look deep inside and see if there are any sin that we are harboring. They will seek to "hide under the bushes," but we need to bring them out and get rid of them. 

Ponder today over what is in your heart and life - the biggest hindrance is procrastination - start now. Decide now for a spiritual freshness in your life.

Story from Every Day With Jesus Bible 2004. Nashville:Holman Bible Publishers. Pg. 941

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