Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Respite and Retreat - Part 1

And He said to them, “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” Mark 6:31 (NKJV)

Over the next few days, my wife and I are going to follow Christ's invitation. In the busy hecticness of life, we can become overwhelmed with the pace we live. So, we followed Christ's invitation, and we drew aside to enjoy the pleasures of a borrowed mountain cabin. Nestled up near the peak, we had a glorious view of the other mountainside, and the valley in-between. 

In taking this time for refreshment, of the body, mind, and spirit, I am reflecting upon the joy of the time we spent together. During that time, I did not continue my reflections and commentary on the letter of Paul to the Colossian believers. So, I hope you will join with me as I reflect upon God and His creation for the next few days of this blog.

Enjoy this poem by William Cowper for today -

Hackneyed in business, wearied at the oar,
Which thousands, once fast chained to quit no more,
The statesman, lawyer, merchant, man of trade,
Pant for the refuge of some rural shade,
For regions where, in spite of sin and woe,
Traces of Eden are still seen below,
Where mountain, river, forest, field, and grove,
Remind him of his Maker’s power and love.
To them the deep recess of dusky groves,
Or forest where the deer securely roves,
The fall of waters, and the song of birds,
And hills that echo to the distant herds,
Are luxuries excelling all the glare
The world can boast, and her chief favourites share.(1)

Prayer: Father, as we learn to rest in You, we also learn to rest from the various and cacophonous voices of the world around us. Help us all learn that at times we must draw aside, lay aside, and come aside for some time to refresh and renew. We praise You for Your glorious creation, may it be a place of rest for our weary souls. Amen.

(1) Cowper, William. 1835. The Poems of William Cowper: Of the Inner Temple. Digital copy accessed on January 16, 2017 from GoogleBooks. Published by C.Wells. Original from New York Public Library. Page 143.

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