Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Good people will be remembered as a blessing, but evil people will soon be forgotten." Proverbs 10:7 (NCV).

We spent our first full day with our Grandkids. And we had a really great (or should I say grand) time together. My two youngest grands spent a lot of the day crawling all over Granddad. They look at me as if I am an MMA punching bag. I can still hold my own with them, and we have an enjoyable experience as I turn them every which way but loose.

Linda loves to think up more respectable ways of interacting with them. She has spent time with each of them over the years making and cooking things for all of us to eat and enjoy. Today, she had me stop so she and Wesley could go into the store and buy the "fixin's" for a special dessert tonight.
After spending time with older girls playing some games, she and Wesley chased us out of the kitchen to prepare our surprise for tonight.

Memories are so very important in the family. Husbands and wives should have special memories between themselves. Dads and sons, Dads and daughters, Moms and daughters, and Momes and sons need these special thoughts and historical markers to enjoy and look back on fo years to come. My wife and I know our three daughters hold many memories from their childhood - and even today. We will be doing things, and suddenly we will speak about something that has embedded itself in our minds. Linda and I want to build these hitching posts of thoughts between us and our grandchildren.

I could talk more and more about this special bonding, but, right now Linda and Madison are starting to cook the bacon for "Breakfast for Dinner," and this will quickly be followed by Kaylah and her Grandmother fixing the eggs. Me - my job is to eat and enjoy the memory making dinner they are preparing. So, I am going to get myself ready for a dinner fit for a king!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I have stopped to think about the grand memories that You and I have made together. Father, since You adopted me into Your family 55 years ago, I have so many great reflections of Your love displayed for me. Father, I had no idea that when I received Christ as my Savior at age 10 of all the joy and pleasure You would give. I know that You have been with me through all the good times - and the times that have not been so good. As I watch my children, and now my Grandkids making memories together, it causes me to reflect, muse, and ponder over all we have been through. And, the best part of that musing is that I know the best is yet to come! I long to be in Your presence here, and even more so in Eternity. Amen.

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