Saturday, May 13, 2017

Proverbs for Living - 7

Proverbs 7: 1-3 - "My son, obey my words, and treasure my commands. Keep my commands and live, and guard my instructions as you would the pupil of your eye. Tie them to your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart."

In our previous studying of this great book of the Bible, we have seen how these first seven chapters contain advice of godly parents to their children. Wisdom is seeing things from God's perspective, instructions for moral discipline in one's life, and understanding the difference between right and wrong. These three terms are used frequently in this book.

We must be obedient to God's law. Through this, we will develop and strengthen our spiritual maturity and wisdom. We need to learn and memorize God's Word. Why? Because it will keep us from stumbling and falling into sin. The majority of this chapter is a story about a young man who did not keep God's law, who did not have divine wisdom, and lacked an understanding of God's Word.

If you are reading these devotions see as we go through these chapters, everyone needs to have a mentor - a person whose influence profoundly impacts the views and actions of others. And, as believers, we must understand that every person is a mentor. Actually, every person (beleiver or not) is a person of influence to others. We influence others either positively or negatively. Which way do you influence others?

Consider this about mentors - Moses was a model for Joshua, and Elijah served as the role model for Elisha. Paul mentored many people in the New Testament. So, some traits of a mentor include being a good student, spiritually strong, tough and well-conditioned, and most of all focused on God's perfect will. We must live by God's rules.

So, today as you consider these verses, also pause and look intently into your heart and soul. What kind of mentor are you? Do you influence those who come into contact with you to grow them? Do you display godly qualities? Do you show others how to live successfully in God's eyes? Remember, many we are not aware of are looking at us to see if Christianity is real, if God is really able to live in a person.

Prayer: Father, may I be the kind of influence in my sphere of the world that is pleasing and acceptable to You. May those I come in contact with leave in a better relationship than when we crossed paths. Amen.

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