Monday, June 5, 2017

Proverbs for Living - 26

Proverbs 26:12 (CSB) - "Do you see a person who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him."

In today's chapter of Proverbs, we find four bad fellows. In verses 1-11 we see the fool, we might call them rebels. Solomon spends a great deal of time talking about those who rebel against God and His wisdom. When we refuse to live according to God's Word, to see things from His perspective (wisdom), or just ignore His Word, then we are in rebellion against God. Fools are undisciplined. They are unreliable. They cause many heartaches and problems. God just can't use those who are fools - rebels against Him.

The second bad fellow is found in verse 12. This is the egotist. a conceited person. Someone who knows everything. Somebody who has all the answers. Someone who cares only about himself. Someone who is promoting themselves. In God's Kingdom, there are not big-shots. We are family. God deliver us from thinking too highly of ourselves.

Bad fellow number three is the bum. We find him in verses 13-16. The bum is full of excuses. He loves his bed - lazy. He is the who loves work - he can watch someone else do it all day long.

And finally, bad fellow number 4 is the busybody. Read verses 17-28. This person is constantly meddling in other people's affairs. They are full of hate and deceit. They are constantly talking about others - in a gossipping way. Gossip is a sin that is condemned in both the Old Testament and New Testament. In today's society we have made gossip so much easier to do. We call it Social Media. We get on it and share about other people - often in hurtful ways. We can spread the venom of our words without facing anyone. We can spew forth hateful and usually exaggerated statements about someone that goes throughout the internet to untold thousands of people.

As you consider the four bad fellows, realize that in this chapter we are going from the bad to the worst. And God can forgive and restore anyone who is in these situations - if they repent and come to Him.

Prayer: Father, we thank You for the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. The message of His death, burial, resurrection and return for all mankind. We know that His death is totally sufficient for anyone - if they will accept the free offer of salvation. Amen.

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