Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Proverbs for Living - 27

Proverbs 27:17 (CSB) - "Iron sharpens iron, and one person sharpens another."

One of the joys of life is finding friends. Everyone deep down wants to have friends. In this chapter, Solomon tells us how to win friends and influence people by avoiding certain personality and character traits that are negative.
  1. Don't be a braggart - verses 1-2. Don't brag. Don't be constantly telling people how great you are. Don't boast about the future - it is totaling in God's Hands.
  2. Don't be envious - verses 3-4. Another way of saying this is don't be jealous. Promote others. Don't feel that you have to be the best, the strongest, the smartest, or the wealthiest. Let others do most of the talking - you do most of the listening.
  3. Don't be ashamed of your roots - verses 5-10. Don't be ashamed of your parents, grandparents, your upbringing. 
  4. Don't be a nagger - verses 15-16. Some have said that Solomon was probably an expert of this - since he had 300 wives and 700 concubines. Joyous and fulfilling homes have no place for nagging wives or husbands.
  5. Don't run with the wrong crowd - verse19. We become like those who we associate with. I worked with a very negative person over a period of time. My wife noticed that I had become very cynical and negative in my actions and comments. Changing co-workers to one who was very positive changed my demeanor. We become mirrors of those we spend time with.
  6. Don't be overly ambitious - verse 20-21. Don't allow your ambitions to override your principles. You never have to do wrong to do right. The end does not justify the means. Don't take shortcuts. Don't violate your principles.
  7. Don't be careless and negligent - verses 23-27. We have an obligation to provide and care for our families. That means, if work according to my training and education is not available, I will take something below my training and education. I am not to proud for any level of work, but I do have pride that will not allow me to take handouts.
Prayer: Heavenly Father, you have shown us in your Word how to live successfully. I want to please and honor You. I want to be a blessing to those around me. May I leave tracks behind me that will lead others to You. Amen.

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