Monday, March 17, 2008

Correct Attitude on God - Part 7


Last day for thoughts on Romans 12: 1 and 2 - Correct Attitude toward God. Read these verses again. Next week, we will take a short diversion, and then come back to consider Romans 12: 3-8 (Correct Attitudes towards Self).

I am constantly seeking that “Extreme Makeover” in my worldview. Each step I take displays other areas that I need to allow God to work on. It is so easy to adapt to this ages thinking and belief. It is so easy to think that I have arrived. I find that even Paul had this problem (read Philippians 3:12 and following). The problem is that I want to be the “handyman” that does the work. God is the expert. He is the Mater Designer and Builder. He is the One who majors in repairing the broken. But, it has to be Him. When I pick up the pieces, they stay a mess.

The correct attitude toward God is – Complete Dedication. Be the living sacrifice that He shapes and uses. As the O.T. prophet speaks – we are clay in the potter’s hands. He never makes mistakes, He can fix even the most broken pot. Do you trust Him to do it? Can you place yourself completely in His Hands?

Pray for me today that God will do an Extreme Makeover on me. I will pray He does the same for you.

For Kingdom Education,

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