Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Correct Attitude on Self - Part 1


We are going to muse over what God had Paul write about our correct attitude toward self.

If we have our attitude toward God right, we will be able to get our attitude about ourselves correct also. As Dr. Fentress has reminded us - We have to get the vertical right before the horizontal will be right.

Take the time to read verses 3 - 8 each day this week. In these 6 verses, God challenges us how we are to look at ourselves. What is the mirror that you use to see yourself? Is it the one that the world provides? Did you make it yourself? Did you friends give it to you? Your parents? Spouse? Children? God?

When I think about this, I picture me trying to make a mirror out of tin foil. I can see myself - but not correctly. My friends give me a piece of Mylar balloon - well I seem distorted. The world hands me a piece of black onyx - yeah, I'm there, but is that how I look. My children take me to the "Fun House." Now I look different (I do like the one that makes me look 7 foot tall and 4 inches wide). Only God has a true silvered mirror that reflects back to me what I really appear to be. My attitude can only be correct if it is mirroring Christ. This week, we will ponder verse 3, 4, and 5. Pray that we have a clean view of the reflection that God wants.

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