Thursday, March 20, 2008

Correct Attitude on Self - Part 3


Correct attitude toward God – complete dedication. Considering next, the correct attitude toward self as presented in Romans 12: 3-8. Yesterday, I pray that you meditated upon verse 3 and the impact of grace. Today read and pray over this verse again.

The power and equipment to minister comes from God (grace) and this should make each of us look honestly at ourselves. Paul challenges us to have humility. Humility is a strange thing – as soon as we are sure we have it – it’s gone. When we tell someone how humble we are – we aren’t. What a challenge.

However, God shows us how this is to be in our lives. In this passage in the Holman Christian Standard Bible, God says, “…think sensibly….” Don’t have an over-inflated, nor a under-inflated view of ourselves. See ourselves as God sees us – a sinner saved by grace.” One who is enabled to do what they do by the power and grace of God. We aren’t to beat ourselves up, nor wear the robes of superiority.

When dealing with others today (students, co-workers, etc.), think about how we are before God, and this will help us to see and interact in the correct manner. God will help us see others as He sees them – as well as how He sees us. Today, deal with others in a humble approach.

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