Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Correct Attitude on Self - Part 8


“…if service, in service; if teaching, in teaching;” Romans 12:7.

Now, Paul speaks of the power and equipping that God gives freely in the realm of ministering to others. The root word used both times is the same as the one used for Deacon. God gives us a gift to serve others. Now, we may not like the idea of being a servant, yet often we are reminded that this is a high calling from God. Jesus Himself spoke of coming to minister (serve) in the New Testament (Matthew 20:28).

Today, seek ways that you can serve others. Look for the opportunities that God places in your pathway, whether it is fellow-workers, students, or their families. The greatest honor you could receive – being called a servant for Christ. So today – let’s see who can serve the most. (Be careful and don’t lose your humility over this.)

For Kingdom Education,

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