Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Correct Attitudes on God - Part 1


Read Romans 12: 1,2. We are going to be meditating upon having correct attitudes. What is the correct attitude toward God? These two verses reveal this to us.

“Therefore…” (12:1, HCSB). Whenever you see a therefore (a mentor once told me), you should seek what the therefore is there for. It is a hinge upon which a door turns – it connects a previous section to the next. Here, Paul is connecting his hymn of praise (11:33 – 36) with the challenge to have the correct attitudes. This previous section summarizes the letter to this place and makes it clear about God’s mercy. Because God is so merciful, we should make sure that we become “living sacrifice(s)” to Him.

A living sacrifice is one that gives everything that they have (mind, body, spirit) to God for His use. It means that we listen and obey everything that He calls us to do. The problem is the “living” part, because as one writer said, “We tend to crawl off the altar.” A sacrifice can not change directions mid-course. If we are willing to be used by God, we must be open to Him and allow Him to control every aspect of our lives. Now, this is hard.

Today, meditate upon what it is that God is calling you to be. Notice, I said be – not do. A sacrifice doesn’t do anything. A sacrifice is something. What is it that God is calling you to be? Share with someone today what that is.

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