Friday, March 14, 2008

Correct Attitudes on God - Part 4


Romans 12:2. I hope you have been reading and thinking about this verse. It has one don’t, one do, and a how-to in it.

Yesterday we talked about the don’t. I pray you thought about what you look like. Today, God has told us how to be what we should. He says, “…be transformed…”

Transformed. In the original language it means, “to change into another form, to transform, to transfigure.” It is a statement of truth in a command form. We are commanded to transform. However, in the English we lose an important aspect of this command. In the Greek, it is in the passive form, this means that we are the recipient of the action.

So, this verse commands us to not be molded (moldy?) like the age we live in, receive the change that God so freely offers. He is willing to make us like His Son, if we will let Him. Someone has said, “Let go, and Let God.”

So, how does He do this? Tomorrow we will consider the last part of verse 2 – the how-to.

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