Sunday, March 16, 2008

Correct Attitudes on God - Part 6


Today and tomorrow will end our meditation together on Romans 12: 1 and 2. We are still thinking about verse 2. I spend time regularly on this chapter, because it so convicts and challenges me to have correct attitudes. Of the 1189 chapters in the Bible, I find that I need to return here and meditate upon what God is doing in me, through me, and to me.
Don’t be like this age, allow God to totally change our worldview, so that we can test, examine, prove, scrutinize, to see whether a thing is genuine or not. What? God’s Will. When we let God do the extreme makeover of our worldview, then we can “discern” the will of God. Notice the modifiers in this section. Good – means beneficial, useful, agreeable. Pleasing – means it is acceptable to God. Perfect – means complete, lacking nothing, finished, full of integrity.
When we are made over into the image of Christ, we will have the ability to examine the age in which we live and be able to live a life that is beneficial, acceptable, and complete lacking nothing. We will be like Christ. (Now, a disclaimer – I am not saying we will become God, just like Him).

Think about this today. How is your worldview?

For Kingdom Education,

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