Sunday, March 9, 2008

Correct Attitudes - Romans 12


I have always been partial to the passage that Paul ‘rote to the Romans in chapter 12. This chapter can teach us about having correct attitudes toward God (vs. 1,2), self (vs. 3-8), and others (vs. 9-21).

John Maxwell is always quoted as saying that our attitude determines our altitude. It is what determines our outlook on life. It is what colors our thoughts and responses. It is what drives us and holds us back. Over the next few days, let us read and meditate upon Romans chapter 12, and let God permeate our minds, hearts, and lives with His truth. Start today by reading this chapter. When you finish – read it again. Then, think about what is the part that sticks out to you the most. And, when you do, think about how can you employ what God is saying in your life.

God’s Word is enough for anyone, but it is not effective for anyone until they apply it in their lives. Today – seek how you can apply this passage.

For Kingdom Education,

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