Monday, March 31, 2008

Prayer Partners


As I continue to grow in my walk with Jesus Christ, I become more aware of my need to grow. As I strive to move closer to my Savior, the more defects and blemishes I find. Because of this, I go before the throne on a regular basis and seek God's forgiveness, grace, and strength. I seek Him for the wisdom, strength, and ability to do what He has called me to do.

Because of this, I seek on a regular basis for others to pray for me. I firmly believe that the prayers of God's people are heard by God. And, I believe that He answers all prayers in accordance with His Word and His Will.

Therefore, it is my request that anyone who reads this become a prayer partner for me. I ask that you lift me up on a daily basis to the throne. I want to be an example in my life, speech, and action. I want to have a clear conscience before God. I want to be a man of faith and dependence on God. I seek to hear His "Well done, good and faithful servant."

If God so leads you, I ask that you put me on your daily prayer list. Let this be a decision that you and God make.

God bless you.

For Kingdom Education,

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