Monday, April 7, 2008

The End (or Beginning) of A Great Man


Today marks the 2nd anniversary of my Dad's death. They say that time heals all wounds - they just don't specify how long it takes.

From the 1st of April, 2006 to the 7th, my Dad dealt with his dementia, heart attack, and surgeries. He was strong to the moment that God called him home. He was my mentor, guide, friend, confidant, instructor, leader, and role-model. If I could be just 1/2 of what he was - I would be considered a great man.

I set with him for the entire week of surgeries. Often we reversed roles - I needed to be the adult-he the child. Yet, I found him to model for me the way to go through a period of adversity. Thursday evening, we visited with him in the Cardiac Care Unit, he talked and we shared laughter and concerns. The last words he said to my Mom were "I love you" before she left. I told him that I loved him before I finally left that evening.

The next morning on the way to the hospital, they called and informed me that he had coded. I walked into his room to see his body - knowing his spirit was with His Lord. I knew, that I wanted to live a life like his - successful before God. For those who knew him, they still say they still miss him. Those who knew him still talk of his testimony and walk. Those of you who didn't know him, you missed a great opportunity to see a Christian.

This year, the Associate Pastor at my Mom's church had a baby boy. They named him Thomas Marshall Rose. What more fitting remembrance of a man who walked with God could there be?

For Kingdom Education,

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