Sunday, November 29, 2015

Precise plans

November 29

Daily Bible Reading: Ezekiel 41 – 42

Verse of the Day: Ezekiel 42:15 – “Now when he had made an end of measuring the inner house, he brought me forth by the way of the gate whose prospect is toward the east, and measured it round about.”

God’s Plans are sure. We might face hopelessness and helplessness today, but we can be assured that His purposes and plans are set. Israel in Babylon may felt that all hope was lost, yet the future that God had prepared was so settled that it could be measured. Ezekiel’s vision is so vivid that it includes measurements. Why? Because God wanted them (and us) to understand that He is in control.

Today, as you consider what you are facing, be assured that God is in control. He is sure, He is precise, and He is definite. Trust Him. Tell Him that you do.

Prayer: God who is in Control of my life and circumstances, I come to tell You that I trust You, and no matter what, I know that You will fulfill Your plans for me. Amen.

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