Saturday, February 4, 2017

FamJam with Wesley

Proverbs 22:6 - "Point your kids in the right direction—when they’re old they won’t be lost." (MSG)

This last night of our stay with the Grands allowed me to go to the Liberty Baptist Church Harbor View campus with my number 1 grandson - Wesley. We have done a number of things together this week, but usually the other grands were along. We ate our Chili supper together earlier than the others and hit the road down to Suffolk, VA.
Their church meets in a number of campuses, but the first Friday night of the month they rotate among the campuses and all meet together to introduce the Kidsville lessons for the coming month. This month being the month of Valentines, the theme is Love. He and I had a nice time worshipping and enjoying each other's company. We sang songs, saw a great skit, and heard a great homily on the Good Samaritan. All in all, we had a very good time together.

I watched him as we spent this time together, and I couldn't help but be thankful for the way that my daughter and her husband are
raising their kids. They are a part of a wonderful church that cares - for all ages. Wes is a second grader, and he is excited about his church activities. He loves to go and be a part of the things planned for his age group. But, what I saw this evening was that not only did LBC seek to attract the kids - it did it by incorporating the parents also. I went with Wes since his parents are out of town, but we brought back some material for the family to incorporate the month's lessons in all they do. I like the way that the Message translates the verse above. The verse shows us that it is our responsibility as parents and grandparents to be the compass, to point them in the right direction. We must never take for granted that young children just will figure it all out themselves - the direction that we point them in will be the direction they will take.

Prayer: Father of all creation, what a grave responsibility I have - being an example to my Grandson. We need to connect together in knowing and loving You. I thank You that You gave me a great example in my Dad so that I can in turn be an example first to my children, and now to my grandchildren. Father, as I watch them all, let me hear You telling me how to lead and direct them so that "when they’re old they won’t be lost." I pray that I never do anything to turn them away from You and Your Precious Son. I pray that all my children and grandchildren can fully see how much I really love them. Father, as I close out this time with them, thank You, thank You, thank You for this precious privilege. They may tire me out, but let them never be tired of our time together. Amen.

This is the Middle school Praise Team from Liberty Baptist Church in Hampton.
They are leading us in some very upbeat and wonderful Praise Songs.
Madison, my second oldest granddaughter, is on this team.

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